Beyond Repair Show

Beyond Repair Show

Join me, Laura Burton, as I welcome in a guest each week and we answer questions about home repair, relationship advice, life advice, and whatever else we get asked. You've got questions, we've got issues! Call in to leave a voice mail question - 812-573-0404

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    Rebekah Dodd Is Beyond Repair

    Rebekah and Laura answer questions about doorbells, questionable floor finishes, finding pallets, rock climbing, mysterious facebook blocking, drug testing, Star Wars, ice skating, teenagers vs 20-year-olds, the national anthem, skeletons, and singing Bruce Springsteen songs. Check out the Evansville Podcast Network's sports podcast, The Brewer's View.

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    Anne McKim is Beyond Repair

    Anne and Laura cover such topics as non-profits, tightening screws, bats, donating money, ugly art, putting, music, prenuptial toolboxes, how to advance arts in the community, new mom advice, resilient children, and mud-touchers. Check out the music podcast on the Evansville Podcast Network, Clockwork Nights.

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    Meagan DeLong is Beyond Repair

    Thanks to Evansville Brewhouse for sponsoring this episode! Meagan and Laura discuss and answer questions about replacing a door with a wall, removing paint from stone, LED splicing, aquariums, phones over TVs, handling crushes, what to call women in public, modified coffee orders vs black coffee, taking babies into inappropriate places, requiring NDA for Angel investors, married couples accepting money from parents, favorite artwork, and how to properly assassinate someone.

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    Cynthia Murray is Beyond Repair

    Laura and Cynthia discuss Singing In a band, watching 'B' horror movies, April O'Neil's, being unladylike, fictional presidents, Jeff Goldblum, dishwashers, electrical work, Jurassic Park, books vs movies, poo in the bathtub, can Cynthia tell if she is in tune or not, does Cynthia like her voice, Cynthia's new podcast, and creating a controversial PG movie. Cynthia and Laura are Beyond Repair. Big thanks to Honey Moon Coffee Co. for sponsoring this episode.

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    Jenna Citrus is Beyond Repair

    Laura and Jenna discuss Jenna's artwork, hair straighteners, how to tell if a wall is straight, breeding animals, vegans gaining weight, mixing political views in relationships, favorite pieces of art, taco Tuesdays, dream projects, and best advice they've received. Jenna and Laura are Beyond Repair. Big thanks to Sixth Street Soapery for sponsoring this episode.

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    Stephanie Peckenpaugh is Beyond Repair

    Laura and Stephanie discuss the need to caulk toilets, low water pressure, cracks in walls, deer hunting, raising chickens, evil eyes, girlfriends dating other people, Mike Brady, Pizza, girl canceling plans, and the destruction of the earth. Stephanie and Laura are Beyond Repair. Big thanks to White Swan Coffee Lab at Wired for sponsoring this episode!

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    Cory Edwards is Beyond Repair

    Cory and Laura discuss the elevator business, kitchen remodeling, texting crushes, baseball strategy, lunch table sharing, oxford commas, age differences in relationships, if a person can be beyond repair, sexy Halloween costumes, boyfriends changing plans and who plays Laura in a movie about her life.

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    Mara Cravens is Beyond Repair

    Laura and Mara discuss the joys of Disney, worst places to visit, Evansville collaborations, ceiling fan switches, lightning strikes, running full speed, borrowing a car for Pokemon Go, qualities of proper toilet paper, the best thing in Evansville now, otters vs eagles, roommate drama, growing beards to hide baby faces and honest kidnappers. Mara and Laura are Beyond Repair. Big thanks to Tin Man Brewing Co. for sponsoring this episode. Check out the Cafe Leche Milk and Coffee Porter next time you are there!

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    Heather Vaught Is Beyond Repair

    Laura and Heather answer questions about music, bathroom fans, how couples can work together on projects, who they would pick to redecorate their houses, career crisis , developing feelings for coworkers, being straight edge, and how to handle wrongful imprisonment. Heather and Laura are Beyond Repair.

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    Samantha Minnette is Beyond Repair

    Laura and Sam discuss music, fixing doors that won't shut, 5k training, workplace workouts, yoga, and counting backwards from 300. Sam and Laura are Beyond Repair. Big thanks to Turonis for sponsoring this episode. Check out the Honey Blonde Ale next time you are there!

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