Beyond Repair Show

Beyond Repair Show

Join me, Laura Burton, as I welcome in a guest each week and we answer questions about home repair, relationship advice, life advice, and whatever else we get asked. You've got questions, we've got issues! Call in to leave a voice mail question - 812-573-0404

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    Betsy Hopkins is Beyond Repair

    Laura and Betsy answer questions about tiling over laminate, replacing holes in plaster walls, relationships or careers, what kind of hat to wear, dating talk shows, zoos, dream homes, and more.

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    Shawn and Julie Williamson are Beyond Repair

    The first couple to appear on the Beyond Repair Show! Julie, Shawn, and Laura discuss rings in sinks, useful items purchased, roof vents, K-pop music, irresponsible boyfriends, silly pet questions, looking at other peoples phones, favorite games, songs at funerals, going from friends to more than, and a rapidish fire round.

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    Emily Gartner is Beyond Repair

    Emily and Laura discuss and answer questions about wearable art, twins, album cover pop art, how to get a good contractor, drilling into glass, relationship tattoos, gifts for staying at people's homes, being alone, outfits for going out, cheating girlfriends, music from their parents, grammar, nursing school, aliens, poor dumb Tim, and Canadian Football.

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    Anna Hargis is Beyond Repair

    Anna and Laura discuss and answer questions about imposter syndrome, servant leadership, ethnicity, wood expansion, replacing old switches, floorboards, business drinking, weed farming, chasing dreams, couch potato caregivers, exes texting, girlfriends vs girl friends, and charismatic mystics. Check out The Mary Movement podcast as well!

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    Elisabeth Osborne is Beyond Repair

    Elisabeth and Laura discuss and answer questions about public radio, marketing, heavy steps, 3-way switches, frozen pipes, dating or not dating, oversleeping, love languages, karaoke, south vs midwest, vegetarians, Lost, time travel, and nude photos. Check out Clockwork Nights on Soundcloud!

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    Tori Langton Is Beyond Repair

    Tori and Laura answer questions about putting linoleum on top of linoleum, garage heaters pulling too much power, boyfriends holding the door open for other people, how to name businesses, mnemonic devices, binary questions, skeleton bones, ex-girlfriend sleepovers, going from friends to more than friends, and flying from New York to L.A.

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    Rebekah Dodd Is Beyond Repair

    Rebekah and Laura answer questions about doorbells, questionable floor finishes, finding pallets, rock climbing, mysterious facebook blocking, drug testing, Star Wars, ice skating, teenagers vs 20-year-olds, the national anthem, skeletons, and singing Bruce Springsteen songs. Check out the Evansville Podcast Network's sports podcast, The Brewer's View.

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    Anne McKim is Beyond Repair

    Anne and Laura cover such topics as non-profits, tightening screws, bats, donating money, ugly art, putting, music, prenuptial toolboxes, how to advance arts in the community, new mom advice, resilient children, and mud-touchers. Check out the music podcast on the Evansville Podcast Network, Clockwork Nights.

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    Meagan DeLong is Beyond Repair

    Thanks to Evansville Brewhouse for sponsoring this episode! Meagan and Laura discuss and answer questions about replacing a door with a wall, removing paint from stone, LED splicing, aquariums, phones over TVs, handling crushes, what to call women in public, modified coffee orders vs black coffee, taking babies into inappropriate places, requiring NDA for Angel investors, married couples accepting money from parents, favorite artwork, and how to properly assassinate someone.

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    Cynthia Murray is Beyond Repair

    Laura and Cynthia discuss Singing In a band, watching 'B' horror movies, April O'Neil's, being unladylike, fictional presidents, Jeff Goldblum, dishwashers, electrical work, Jurassic Park, books vs movies, poo in the bathtub, can Cynthia tell if she is in tune or not, does Cynthia like her voice, Cynthia's new podcast, and creating a controversial PG movie. Cynthia and Laura are Beyond Repair. Big thanks to Honey Moon Coffee Co. for sponsoring this episode.

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